Radiator Repairs

Keeping your car’s cooling system in top working order is essential. A cooling system that isn’t working properly can cause your vehicle to start running hot and that can lead to serious (and expensive) engine damage.

A properly maintained cooling system will improve your engine efficiency and extend the life of your vehicle. If your engine gets too hot, you risk overheating and major damage. If it gets too cold, moving parts can wear out faster and your engine emissions will be higher.

At Stuart Hunter Motors, we have a team of experienced mechanics qualified to deliver expert radiator repairs and maintenance.

Common Radiator Issues

A malfunctioning radiator can be caused by: 

  • Leaking radiator or radiator hose
  • Air in the system, which can restrict the flow of coolant
  • Damage to the fan or water pump
  • Rust or other debris in the radiator
Radiator Repairs

Signs that your radiator might need attention:

  • Coolant drops under your car
    Coolant is usually green, orange or pink. If you see coolant dripping or pooling under the front of your car, it could mean that you have a leaking radiator. 
  • Overheating engine
    A leaking or damaged radiator means that your engine might not be getting properly cooled. Overheating can end up doing massive, and sometimes irreversible, damage to your engine, which can be very expensive to fix. Regularly checking your car’s cooling system will reduce the risk of engine overheating.
  • Constant refilling
    If you’re constantly refilling the coolant, it’s a pretty sure sign that your radiator is leaking. While your coolant does need to be periodically refilled, if you’re having to do this more than normal, you should speak to a mechanic. 

Our expert team of mechanics can carry out radiator clean outs and repairs, re-coring, coolant flushing, hose replacements, radiator tank repair and replacement and full pressure testing. 

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