Clutch Repairs

The clutch determines how effectively power is transferred from your engine to your vehicle’s wheels. The clutch deals with a lot of mechanical friction on a day-to-day basis and so undergoes a significant amount of strain and can wear over time.

Our team of qualified and experienced mechanics can carry out expert repairs across all types of clutch systems, whether it’s clutch cable or hydraulic clutch cylinder replacements or full clutch kit replacements.

At Stuart Hunter Motors, we provide comprehensive clutch repairs across Cheltenham, Highett, Moorabbin, Bentleigh East, Hampton East and surrounding areas in Melbourne’s South-East.

Our expert mechanics offer a range of clutch services including: 

  • Flywheel machining
  • Master cylinder repairs
  • Release fork replacement
  • Clutch plate, pedal and cable replacement
  • Hydraulic line replacement
  • Clutch release bearing replacement

For all clutch repairs, we use only top-quality replacement parts and will provide a free quote before starting any work.

Clutch Repairs

Common Clutch Problems

If you’re noticing a loss of starting drive power, slipping or shuddering when starting off, or you’re having difficulty finding a gear, then you might have a clutch problem. 

A clutch will naturally wear over time as a result of day-to-day driving. However, a clutch can wear out much faster due to improper operation, heavy towing, faulty components or inexperienced drivers who tend to ride the clutch. 

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